A Little Assistance, Please

In any journey, whether it be rehabilitation to weight loss to just getting to know yourself again, the going gets tough and you need help. We are only human and can only do so much! We live in a time where the help we need is right at our fingertips, literally, pull out your phone right now. Within your “app store” search self-help and hundreds of apps will pop up waiting for you to use them and abuse them at your own convenience.

Here are a some of my favorite apps for all kinds of needs:

Realifex – a personal life coach to help track mood, stress, anxiety and to improve overall life satisfaction.

MyFitnessPal – a wellness tracker following food intake, exercise habits, goals and weightloss

Daily Burn – a personal trainer in an app! This app helps you get started with a workout regimen

Digipill – a sleep, relaxation and mindfulness support system helping with insomnia, stress and can even increase motivation.

Fitbit – a wellness app tracking steps, sleep, heart rate, exercise, daily activity, tear intake and caloric intake. This app promotes an all around healthier lifestyle. Works best if you buy the device that goes with it, it’s well-worth it!

Sometimes we get off track and our journey becomes harder. If I have learned anything from this whole experience it’s that, it’s OKAY to ask for help sometimes even though the words don’t always taste that great. In the end it’s better to do it well with some assistance than to take a short cut and cheat yourself because of your pride.


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