Stand by me

Going through the recovery process of an injury is a very personal experience. Although you may have numerous people lending a helping hand, your inner monologue is one that should never be shared, at least I know mine shouldn’t be shared. Now think of it from the other side, you’re watching someone you love or care for go through the same kind of physical AND emotional pain. Through my surgery and recovery my sweet boyfriend, Clay, stood by my side from the first ER visit to the all doctors appointments in between to the gym on my road to recovery. I am sure at times he felt like walking away because of my negative attitude and snarky comments out of personal anger and pain but he didn’t. Thank, God.

A few months after my surgery and into my recovery, Clay severely hurt his back. He so graciously joined me for community couples ballroom classes where he cha-cha’d his way into a bulging disc. Or so we thought. After weeks of waiting and going to many doctors we found out that it wasn’t from his killer Latin moves but, in fact, from lifting something the wrong way at work. At first, the doctor’s told us that this would something that would have to heal itself and he just needs to take it easy. It got progressively worse. Watching him day in and day out fight with this pain, I found even more of an appreciation for him. Every time he winced from extreme pain or screamed because he didn’t think he could do it anymore, I broke down inside because I couldn’t handle not being able to take this pain away from him. Is this how he felt during my knee injury? If it was, I would have never known because he was so strong for the both of us through it all. Four months after his injury and five months after mine we are both on our way to full recovery and excellent physical health.

Clay, cha-chaing the night away



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  1. Annie says:

    Dancing through the pain- a theme for both of you😬

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  2. Drew says:

    Supreme power couple! What whaaaaattttt

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  3. Shelby says:

    No I won’t be afraid
    Oh, I won’t be afraid
    Just as long as you stand,
    Stand by me
    So darling, darling
    Stand by me!

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  4. Clay Reid says:

    I wouldn’t want to share the experiences with anyone but you! I love you!

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