It’s A Learning Process

Here we are, step one of my outdoor adventure. Anyone can love the outdoors and can go hiking but to be successful, I have learned, comes from having the right supplies. Living in Southern Utah, hiking is very easily accessible as a weekend outing. I’ve heard people say that it’s almost a right of passage to go live here that you have to have hiked Zion’s famous trail Angel’s Landing. Okay, so you get your tennis shoes on, pack a water bottle and head on up the trail. I thought that it would always be that easy but after this weekend I was quickly mistaken.

It’s lucky I have people around me that know what they are talking about because if I didn’t my feet would be in bad shape as would by pack be extremely over packed and heavy. This weekend, my outdoor family and I made plans to hike the Observation Point Trail at Zion National Park. My cousin and her husband are educated and experienced on all things hiking and surviving outside so when I got dressed for our hike and wore my Nike shoes they bust out in laughter. It was clear, then, that I am a little in over my head. We immediately went to Ace Hardware and bought solid hiking boots. I had my Camelback packed and we started up the trail when only 100 yards in the trail was solid ice. Thankfully, Kasen brought spikes for the bottom of our shoes so we could basically scale up the side of the mountain.

By the time we were on the home stretch of our hike I had to stop for a second and take in what we had just accomplished. This trail was approx. 8 miles, straight up the side of a mountain, in the snow and 40 degrees outside. Looking out at the view of Zion National Park at Observation Point was such a reward and made me even more excited to conquer another beautiful hike. Next time I will be much more prepared for what’s in store.


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  1. Drew Banks says:

    Very good!

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  2. Mechelle Woodbury says:

    What a great way to spend your free time. The beauty here is almost breathtaking

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  3. Shelby says:


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